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Zodiac Egiptean

Acest zodiac tine cont de zeii vechilor egipteni. Alegeti perioada în care v-ati nãscut pentru a vedea sub tutela cãrui zeu sunteti.


1 Ianuarie - 7 Ianuarie, 19 Iunie - 28 Iunie, 1 Septembrie - 7 Septembrie

The Nile is a river whose steadiness is interrupted by floods of increadible abundance. Like an artery in which the blood and salt of the maternal body of the Land of Egypt circulate the sacred rivers fertilizes the earth with its rich deposits. There, where the papyrus, reeds, millet, sorghum and ritual flowers grow, civilization is born.

Those born under this signe are peace-makers, lovers of refinement and owe it to themselves to live in an awakened state. They are receptive to all the riches they bring to their surroundings.

The scene and repository of divine drama and powerful ambitions, the Nile witnesses the fall of Seth, the ressurection transformation of Osiris and the glory of Horus. On its river, Thoth the bird-god originated his philosophy. From the plants that push their roots into the river's depths, the healing god Anubis harvests the aromatic substances for his cosmic pharmacy. The "Nile people" are wise, tolerant and capable of motherly tenderness towards all those who desire to break loose from ignorance. But, like this river that spews forth layers of fertile silt and corrosive deposits, they are subject to changing moods.

Ra Amon
8 Ianuarie - 21 Ianuarie, 1 Februarie - 11 Februarie, 18 Noiemberie - 26 Noiembrie

Ra is the principal god of Egypt, the cosmic home of wheel of time. His solar cult gives light to the entire Egyptian pantheon.

Ra, model of power and grandeur, is the first divinity to detach himself from primordial chaos and gives the first breath of life. Without his fertile venevolence, all the substance of the world would be nothing. Ra's light shines right into the human heart and face. He gives man speech as well as life to the child in the womb. Consequently, those born under this sign are generous and find their steps guided toward great opportunities.

You benefit from a great awakening forcem reassure people and inspire them to give their best.

To be born under Amon Ra, this universal god is both an asset and a challenge. The path of your life will never be mediocre or shallow.

Your spirit is colored by meditative wanderings and depth, and when the feelings you experience or provoke are not at a high spiritual levels, you disappoint yourself.

22 Ianuarie - 31 Ianuarie, 30 Octombrie - 7 Noiembrie

Mut is one of the most ancient divinities of the Egyptian pantheon. The epic of the ancient gods also includes the very popular goddess Isis, a saviour mother. Besides a woman in her role of both sister and wife, we find another mother, Mut, who has withdrawn into the mythical and historical scene while taking with her unspeakable words adn a fundamental violence. For this mother who is repressed by the capricious genealogy of the gods, heroes and men, life and death go hand in hand. The waters of the nile and the burning sand of the Nubian desert are part and symbolic of this mother body.

In the presence og this fearsome goddess, man is born with the feeling that his life must be paid for by guilt in terms of the mystical parallel between the life of the human and the death of the divine.

Thus, those born under the sign of Mut are secretive beings inclined to melancholy. Full of irony, frustrated in seduction because of their shyness, they nevertheless have formidable inner riches because they know how to go directly to the point in all their human relationships. Their wisdom is obvious, their hopes inspiring. What they search for most is the goodwill and protection of an authoritative father figure.

12 Februarie - 29 Februarie, 20 August - 31 August

The the beginning of the world, the creator, Atum, unites two of his children: Shu, the god of the air and Tefnut, goddes of moisture. Geb, the earth, is born out of the rising wet clouds and in turn begets osiris and Isis. Geb is loved as the principle of unity between the prehistoric abd epic words. He embodies tha link between these epochs and is an amused spectator who sees existence as an enigma and game. Geb intervenes in the Egyptian pantheon and rituals ti make sure that when oaths are taken, they are both sacred and benevolent. Every pledge that obliges the speaker to change the course of his earthly life is ritually buried n the safekeeping of Geb before being officially announced. As a guardian of life, Geb harbors the positive virtues if sweetness, submission and peacable firmness. As a symbol of memory, he predisposes those born under his sign to careers of writers, administrators and counselors. This original nature of protection by the earth shines through in their psychological make-up. The Geb personality is attractive and so highly sensitive that it is very impressionable. Their modesty and ability to empathize with the feelings and upsets of others can be a disadvantage, but Geb's cosmix ascendancy naturally lifts is above self-love and vanity.

1 Martie - 10 Martie, 27 Noiembrie - 16 Decembrie

According to Egyptian legend, the goddess Nut, in spite of the curse of sterility pronounced upon her by Ra, is able to bear Osiris thanks to the help of the god Thoth, who side-stepped his judgement by inventing five extra days in the year. Osiris is conceived during this period.

Assisted by Isis, his sister and wife, Osiris gives humans respect for the gods, instruction in agriculture and in the order of the universe.

As as symbol of continuity, this god, beloved to the people of the Nile becomes the object of tenacious jealousy by his young brother, Seth.

Sethm helped by his accomplices, succeeds in locking Osiris in a box that is quickly thrown into the currents of the river. Isis then recovers the body of her husband and, together with her sister Nepthys, use their magic breath to return Osiris briefly to the realm of the living for a final carnal unioin from which Horus is born.

But the rivalry continues to dominate Seth's heart adn he does everything possible to mutilate the body of his brother and disperse the corpse. In her second attempt, Isis collects the fragments scattered by this profane god, except for the penis that is swallowed by a mormyrid fish.

We find in the myth of Osiris the symbolic sequence of disintegration and regeneration in a higher form.

Your character is dual and your personality generous. Fiery but vulnerable, when faced with adversity, you waver more than others and you experience the dilemma of picking the right moment for action and decision.

11 Martie - 31 Martie, 18 Octombrie - 29 Octombrie, 19 Decembrie - 31 Decembrie

Isis' soul is devoted to the clearest of quests, and this glorious lover it the supreme messenger of life. Pride and meanness fail before this unequalded magician, just as decieving glimmers vanish when day breakes. The most illustrious of Egyptian goddesses, in her capacity for love and redemption, finds the strength to take under her wings and protects all those who are about to perish coldly for lack of faith in the wild generosity of the vital spirits.

Isis, proud and alone, sustained by her brother and husband Osiris, is also the mother of life.

A tireless source of resurrection and profound mercy, the goddess Isis is often represented by the double protection of the looped cross and the knot, symbols of the perpetuation of origins and descendants.

To be born under the demanding sign of Isis confers a dimension of solidarity and unity. You are likely to be very hospitable.

Go where you will be able to give life and guard it. Be receptive to people, but in your soul keep your standards pure and do not thing them compromised too cruelly at every disappointment.

1 Aprilie - 19 Aprilie, 8 Noiembrie - 17 Noiembrie

The sacred Ibis bird sways its silhouette on the banks of the river, where the Nile is extended by a striking monotony of irrigation channels.

It is with modesty that this bird-god Thoth provides ingenious ideas to the simple senses of humans and inspires their souls and energies with a passion to know and to build. Thoth's clear-sightedness drives away indolence, insidious cunning and impatient pride. Thoth's instruction induces people to invent and to risk breaking with tradition. Nature insists on producing enlightened masters who must serve her without pretensions in order to dominate her.

Thoth comes to us as a good-natured memory, keen to preserve wisdom and is patron of astronomers, accountants, healers and charmers. Thoth stands out from all the gods of ancient Egypt by best expressing the reliability of the creative word which he repeats tirelessly to all beings that bring fertility to the banks of the Nile.

Persons born under the sign of Thoth are enthusiastic and enterprising, but scorn mediocrity and meanness. They are courageous and like to take risks provided they are engaged in efforts that will ultimately allow them to surpass themselves. It is unthinkable for them to break their word or to cheat others.

14 Aprilie - 8 Mai, 12 August - 19 August

With Horus, the politics of justice take shape in the mythical world of the ancient Egyptians. This vengeful god, son of Isis and Osiris, entered into legendary combat with Seth.

Aided by partisans loyal to his father, Horus conquered the invaded kingdom and, during the struggle, over-powered Seth in Nubia wich made him the first sovereign god of the greater unified Egypt. We see him still fighting, helped by his great love for justice.

During the battle with Seth, the stregth of Horus gave rise to the history of magnificent sovereings and of the power and protection derived from the gaze of "Udjat", the magic eye, plucked from Osiris and taken by Horus.

This bird-god possesses to a supreme degree the virtues of enlightment and peace with wich he renews the vital fluids of that which is desiccated or congealed.

Those born under the sign of Horus make their way in the world with a fierce will. Their intelligence and breatdh of learning make them appear capable of understanding and uncovering everything.

They must mater their rebellious spirit early, before their eagerness to dominate makes them opportunists. Their deep psychic ability is balanced between an appreciation of the paternal virility and that which is contributed by mothers and wives.

9 Mai - 27 Mai, 29 Iunie - 13 Iulie

To this god with the head of a wild dog is attributed the invention and spread of the techniques of embalming the dead.

In the guise of a roaming dog, this god explores every cemetery, fulfilling the duty of a sacred search, for unattended souls.

Anubis' ministrations resemble those of a refined cook and a talented painter in the care he he takes selecting the best ingredients for baths and aromatic balms to adon the parts fo the body requiring preservation.

The funeral task is never amcabre.

The This god symbolizes death and the wandering of the departed until they persuade Sekhmet to opent the door to the valley of immortality.

Those born under this sign are clever and full of compassion, but they harbor the presence of darkness.

With this realistic understanding of the dark side of life, their character is deeply ambivalent and sometimes fatalistic.

Their deep sufferings can sometimes build a wall of inhibition that occasionally restrains their amorous initiatives.

They radiate a profound personality, are aware of the opposing forces within them and are always ready and willing to adopt the best solutions to remedy and psychological dilemma.

29 Mai - 18 Iunie, 28 Septembrie - 2 Octombrie

In the high drama of Egyptian Religion, Seth plays the necessary role of bringing death to the world by casting his divine brother Osiris, into the mighty river Nile. When Osiris is returned to life briefly by the magic om his loving sister-wife, Isis, the sequence of disintegration and regeneration into a higher form is born. Seth embodies the powerful forces needed to bring about great change. Ultimately defeated by Isis and her son, the falcon-god Horus, Seth becomes a free spirit, a wanderer on earth and, after his forced exile, the god of desert solitude.

Those born under tha signe of Seth seek change and are forever searching for their wholeness. They must experience many adventures before finding themselves and being able to direct their strong inner powers. They readily learn from their mistakes and possess a tenacity in their challenges unrivaled by any other sign.

The essence of Seth is metamorphosis, the cocoon of life is ever expanding to embrace new knowledge and insight. The Seth personality is called upon to lead the way into these unexplored dimensions.

14 Iulie - 28 Iulie, 23 Septembrie - 27 Septembrie, 3 Octombrie - 17 Octombrie

Bastet, goddess with the body of a woman and face of a cat swinging between good and bad tendencies, appears late in Egyptian religion, though the symbolism of the cat is prehistoric. The cat, with its affinity with the human, always gives a keen perception of the occult in its most anciens origin.

The importance accorded to the cat by the original inhabitants of the Valley of the Nile is linked directly to its spectral gaze which embodies the secret repository of a mysterious knowledge. Simply by its magnetic presence, it can detect and thwart any outside attack.

Bastet is fascination arising from a forbidden place. When this mysterious knowledge is realized, it opens the way to worship in the deepest sense.

Those born under this sign seek balance and harmony in their with their relations with others. They know how to protect and devote themselves to their loved ones while occasionally neglecting their own interests. They possess an inner strength and agility which help them to recognize their hidden enemies and thus triumph over them.

The Bastet character can sense the most obscure psychic forces. When aligned with this intuitive strenght, they will bring great insight into business ventures and especially affairs of the heart. Osiris Nile.

29 Iulie - 11 August, 30 Octombrie - 7 Noiembrie

The Pharao is the incarnation of the "good order, the right and the just." His work perfects divine exploits.The monarch also thrusts asude chaos to cast tight on the life of his subjects.

The Pharao, as a living god, gives life through his actions and is at the center of sacred scriptures which credit him with multiple divinities.

The most impressive of these mythical links is the one that ties him to the lioness goddess Sekhmet, who guards hell with strict equity and justice. It is not possible to recognize compassion or doubt in the character of Sekhmet. It is driven by the most mathematical sence of justice.

In Egypt, lions are often depicted two at a time back to back, each of them looking out over the opposite horizon. This twosome symbolizes presence through an eternal gaze which surveys and controls at the same time.

The Sekhmet nature streches from the extreme pure to the most impure, from order to disorder and from just to the unjust.

Those born under this sign are strongly telepathic, observant, authoritarian and rarely indulge themselves. Their moral sense is sometimes unfortunately censorious in spite of their secret desires.

Sekhmet people are endowed with a majestic grace and inner sense of beauty which aligns them with the rythm of the earth. Nile.